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Addicted to fear …? May 2, 2017 – Posted in: Advice, Confidence, Personal Development

As a Confidence Coach, one of my main pieces of work is helping my clients identify when they are listening to fear and how this then manifests in their lives.  Fear is a very debilitating condition to live with on a long term basis: it causes us to stay in relationships/jobs/situations that no longer feed us, it tells us we can’t cope with life, it tells us we are not worthy and that everyone else…

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The Comparison Trap October 13, 2016 – Posted in: Confidence

Comparing yourself to another person will never give you the self-esteem you seek. Either you’ll decide you’re better than them, which will deliver a fleeting ego-hit that will leave you feeling uncomfortably superior but distanced from that person OR you’ll find yourself lacking, which will leave you deflated, self-loathing and resentful (oh, and again distanced from that other person).

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What motivates your kindness? May 10, 2016 – Posted in: Personal Development

I once worked with a woman whose marriage was over after 20 years. She was absolutely devastated and had fought to keep the relationship going despite her husband wanting a divorce for many years. “I don’t understand it,” she said, “I was so nice to him. I was kind, I was loving, I was the perfect wife!”

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My brand new confidence building online course… November 4, 2015 – Posted in: Confidence

I’m so proud to announce the launch of my eCourse, 5 Steps to Lasting Confidence.  I know how crippling low self esteem can be. For decades, I wore a confident mask whilst suffering with low self esteem, believing the voice in my head that told me I wasn’t good enough – as a professional, as a mother, as a friend and as a woman. I spent a large chunk of my life struggling against my own…

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Resisting What Is September 23, 2015 – Posted in: Confidence

I was working with a client earlier who credits her loss of confidence to her body size. She’s a UK size 12, i.e. normal, slim, just about right.

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Dear Jo… March 10, 2015 – Posted in: Advice

I feel caught in a dilemma. Some time back I got into a relationship with someone for whom I developed very strong feelings. Sadly the relationship quickly broke down because of some complex family issues that she had to deal with. It happened so fast that at the time I felt very confused and sad and wasn’t quite sure what to believe. We have managed to stay friends and I do trust her much more…

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