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Team Building - Jo Emerson Team Building - Jo Emerson

Team Building - The Emerson Process

Latest news!  On Saturday 23rd November 2019 Jo was named International Executive Coach of the Year for her groundbreaking work with leaders and teams.  Find out more in detail here.

In my award-winning work with corporate teams I am constantly struck by the huge importance of trust. In fact, I would argue that trust is the foundation stone of any functioning team.

Lack of trust causes politics, passive aggression and one upmanship meaning your team members waste time competing with each other rather than working together to compete with your competitors.

Businesses wanting to increase profits should begin by building cohesive, trusting teams because these are the people who will get stuff done in new and exciting ways! Trusting teams of people become willing to truly think outside of the box while they grow your business.

A little more about The Emerson Process

The bulk of my work with executives involves team building but on a very deep level.   I take ailing, dysfunctional teams in which people are struggling and turn them into powerful, functional teams in which the members thrive and the company consequently grows. I also work with teams who are doing ‘okay’ but not brilliantly. They also emerge into highly functioning teams. How do I do this? By working from the inside out.

I have never been a believer in emotional sticking plasters so I knew from the get-go as an executive coach that if I was going to make a difference I had to help teams plug into what was really going on for them personally, collectively and corporately. This means building trust, demanding and modelling rigorous honesty and creating a safe space for some very difficult conversations.

My team facilitation programme enables your teams to build deep trust and start the journey towards true collaboration and exciting innovation.

“I wanted to take the time to thank you for the two excellent days we just had all together. It just demonstrates again what we can achieve when we all work together as a team. What an incredible output. I am proud of us and what we have achieved with your support, Jo. We know now what we need to do. Let’s keep the momentum and the TRUST. Thank you.”
Laurent Arnaudo, Global Finance Director, Sodexo

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“I found the workshop to be very positive. It was beneficial to work together with colleagues to create a feedback culture to be implemented in the organisation. I came away feeling very empowered and positive. The vibe throughout the day was very relaxed and encouraged us to speak freely and confidently.”

Stephanie, The ODI

“Jo’s a fantastic coach. She can help a team to work better by promoting the deep understanding and listening skills that result in a ‘safety net of trust’. With such a net beneath your teams, enforced by the personal interactions between the individuals in that team, they can truly be inspired to come to work everyday, give their best and build your business.

You should hire Jo.”

Jamie Bowen, Senior Developer, Claritize

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