Team Building

In my work with corporate teams I am constantly struck by the huge importance of trust. In fact, I would argue that trust is the foundation stone of any functioning team.

Lack of trust causes politics, passive aggression and one upmanship meaning your team members waste time competing with each other rather than working together to compete with your competitors.

Businesses wanting to increase profits should begin by building cohesive, trusting teams because these are the people who will get stuff done in new and exciting ways! Trusting teams of people become willing to truly think outside of the box while they grow your business.

My team facilitation programmes enable your teams to build deep trust and start the journey towards true collaboration and exciting innovation.

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Strategic Intervention

Strategic intervention is all about helping people to understand each other better and to work as a team towards a common goal. The power of strategic intervention lies in having an objective, trusted other person standing outside of your situation, enabling you to see where you’re going right, and maybe where you’re going wrong…

“I found the workshop to be very positive. It was beneficial to work together with colleagues to create a feedback culture to be implemented in the organisation. I came away feeling very empowered and positive. The vibe throughout the day was very relaxed and encouraged us to speak freely and confidently.”

Stephanie, The ODI

In essence, I help people and teams to communicate more effectively with each other, to establish a mutual or shared goal and to identify how they are going to work together towards that goal. Different people prefer to be communicated with in different ways, and understanding how to effectively share your message with different individuals will enable you to work more productively as a team.

“Jo’s a fantastic coach. She can help a team to work better by promoting the deep understanding and listening skills that result in a ‘safety net of trust’. With such a net beneath your teams, enforced by the personal interactions between the individuals in that team, they can truly be inspired to come to work everyday, give their best and build your business.

You should hire Jo.”

Jamie Bowen, Senior Developer, Claritize

Conflict resolution

Resentment can be a true block to progress and creativity. Conflict resolution work gives people a chance to be heard, to lay out their differences in a safe place and iron out disagreements. From here, clear boundaries can then be set in order to move forward more freely. I also offer one-on-one leadership coaching.

“We hired Jo to facilitate our Vision Intensive Workshop and would wholeheartedly recommend her. Jo bought a professional but empathetic approach, as well as a few little tricks to break the ice and get a positive vibe for the serious work later.”

Iain Walker, Commercial Director for MJG Services

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