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Confidence is a million miles from arrogance

Have you always wanted to be more confident but worry that people will think you’re arrogant if you do?   I hear this a lot and it holds so many people back from accessing deep confidence because they are worried it will alienate them from other people. Let me tell you what I know.  I know—in fact, I know for sure—that arrogance is a million miles from true confidence.  Arrogance, cockiness and bullishness are usually masks people wear to hide their deep insecurities.  Often arrogant people have resorted to control tactics in…

What has love got to do with confidence?

What has love got to do with confidence? Well… Everything, actually. True love wants your freedom You see, to truly love another person is to want their growth, their freedom, and their joy.  Remember the old adage, “If you love someone let them go”? What it’s saying is that genuine love is not about ownership or control but about wanting to nurture and support the object of your affection in order that they can truly shine and truly live as who they…

The confidence to say ‘no’

Lots of people who struggle with their confidence find it hard to say ‘no’. The two things go hand in hand.   Do you find it hard to say ‘no’ to people?  Do you find yourself doing things you don’t want to do and then getting resentful all because you couldn’t say ‘no’? Do you feel like a doormat? If so, then keep reading. Knowledge is power The first step to building up the confidence…

Improve Your Post-Pandemic Confidence

As a coach, I am always on the lookout for the themes that run through my clients’ lives.  Why? Because these themes usually point us in the direction of where you might be stuck and where, exactly, the root of your confidence issues might lie. More recently I’ve been struck by the universal themes I am hearing across so many of my clients’ lives. Two questions keep coming up;“Who will I be after the pandemic?” and “How will I return to ‘normality’ with confidence?” The pandemic has changed us all and…

True confidence step-by-step

Learn how to build true and lasting confidence in a few easy steps Contrary to popular belief, true confidence is not an exclusive elixir given to a chosen few. You have confidence.  You were born with confidence.  True confidence is your birthright.  I used to wonder how on earth people were so confident and how they seemed so at ease with themselves. It took the suicide of a friend and my own brush with cancer…

What do you want for the 2020s?

If you’re anything like I used to be, you will be feeling the pressure this month to set goals and resolutions for the coming year.  And conduct an annual stocktake of sorts, perhaps. So, if you’ve read any of my January blogs over the past 8 years, you’ll know that I’ve given up with resolutions because they just don’t work! However, I am a believer in taking stock and setting intentions; I advocate looking back before you…

Together we rise, or together we fall.

I was chatting with a client on Wednesday who was relaying to me how, at a recent dinner party, a woman had lambasted him because he didn’t hold the same world-view as her. From her self-appointed position of having the moral high ground (because she wasn’t a man running a business like him) she scorned and derided my client based on her narrow and completely unfounded assumptions of him.  She then used one of my…

The year of the catsuit and the valley of tears…

At home, my husband and the kids are calling 2019 ’the year of the catsuit’ because I wore a white catsuit to marry that amazing man in April and a black catsuit last month to win Executive Coach of the Year at The International Coaching Awards!  What a moment that was! The catsuit I can’t even begin to tell you what that award means to me; to have my corporate work with teams and leaders…

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