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Just because you think something doesn’t mean it’s true

As a specialist confidence coach for the last decade, I’ve come to see that my job is really very simple; I help clients to manage their thinking because just because you think something, doesn’t mean it’s true. Here’s an example of my own life… Just before I graduated from university in my twenties I spent a fruitless day shopping for an outfit for the end of term prom. Fruitless because I had very limited budget,…

Christmas Comparisons

Christmas comparisons can be a real downer for your self-esteem. And with Christmas fast approaching, I just wanted to give you my yearly reminder to not compare your festive season to others’ – especially those we see on all those sparkly TV ads. Christmas, like people, comes in all shapes and sizes. Some of us will be working, some of us will be alone. Some of us will be with people we really can’t stand, some…

21 Days To Confidence

Have you had enough of living small? Are you ready to do business with your low self-esteem? Is it time to unlock your potential? Would you like to learn the secrets to lasting confidence in just 21 days? If you are ready, if you want to change, then I can help you reclaim your confidence for good! I’m delighted to announce that my brand new email course is now available for you to build your…

Thank you!

By signing up for my email course, 21 Days To Confidence, you’ve taken the first step to long-lasting confidence. Remember to follow me on Instagram for your daily confidence-boosting tips. Before we start tomorrow… Go out and grab yourself a nice journal and a decent pen. This will help keep all your notes and learnings in one place.  The brain works differently when you write as to when you type so a pen is preferable…

Confidence is a million miles from arrogance

Have you always wanted to be more confident but worry that people will think you’re arrogant if you do?   I hear this a lot and it holds so many people back from accessing deep confidence because they are worried it will alienate them from other people. Let me tell you what I know.  I know—in fact, I know for sure—that arrogance is a million miles from true confidence.  Arrogance, cockiness and bullishness are usually masks people wear to hide their deep insecurities.  Often arrogant people have resorted to control tactics in…

What has love got to do with confidence?

What has love got to do with confidence? Well… Everything, actually. True love wants your freedom You see, to truly love another person is to want their growth, their freedom, and their joy.  Remember the old adage, “If you love someone let them go”? What it’s saying is that genuine love is not about ownership or control but about wanting to nurture and support the object of your affection in order that they can truly shine and truly live as who they…

The confidence to say ‘no’

Lots of people who struggle with their confidence find it hard to say ‘no’. The two things go hand in hand.   Do you find it hard to say ‘no’ to people?  Do you find yourself doing things you don’t want to do and then getting resentful all because you couldn’t say ‘no’? Do you feel like a doormat? If so, then keep reading. Knowledge is power The first step to building up the confidence…

Improve Your Post-Pandemic Confidence

As a coach, I am always on the lookout for the themes that run through my clients’ lives.  Why? Because these themes usually point us in the direction of where you might be stuck and where, exactly, the root of your confidence issues might lie. More recently I’ve been struck by the universal themes I am hearing across so many of my clients’ lives. Two questions keep coming up;“Who will I be after the pandemic?” and “How will I return to ‘normality’ with confidence?” The pandemic has changed us all and…

True confidence step-by-step

Learn how to build true and lasting confidence in a few easy steps Contrary to popular belief, true confidence is not an exclusive elixir given to a chosen few. You have confidence.  You were born with confidence.  True confidence is your birthright.  I used to wonder how on earth people were so confident and how they seemed so at ease with themselves. It took the suicide of a friend and my own brush with cancer…

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