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I’m seriously lucky to do a job I love so much, and I’ve been blessed with success. However, I believe my three greatest assets as a coach are my own personal and professional experience, my empathy, and my innate ability to spot what’s really going on for you. I’ve waded through my own ‘stuff’ and I continue to grow and develop as a person both at home and at work.  I’ve also run two successful businesses and worked corporately in the past so I appreciate the challenges these environments can bring.

I like to keep it real and I don’t believe in fluff. If I’m the right coach for you then great, but I won’t force what I do upon you – that’s just not how I operate.

Coaching with me is a conversation, the aim of which is to get to the truth. From there we’ll make a plan to guide you to achieve your goals both personally and professionally.

It’s a beautiful, challenging, enlightening and fun process during which you will laugh, you might cry, you’ll think deeply and you’ll grow more fully into your best self.

A little bit about me…

I used to be a BBC journalist and then ran a small marketing consultancy whilst growing those three gorgeous girls you see in the picture above. My life changed dramatically in 2011, the shock of which forced me to reassess everything and I very quickly began my coach training. I now see that our difficulties in life can be the absolute making of us…

You can read more about me in my blog or by connecting with me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn.

The official bit…

I’m a member and graduate of the Coaching Academy and hold their certificate in Personal Coaching and their diploma in Personal Performance Coaching. I’m also a fully qualified NLP Practitioner and I’m trained to use the Pathfinder process from the Institute of Human Development.

Here’s a clip of a recent interview I took part in aimed at inspiring the next generation…

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