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A groundbreaking, original audio series giving you unique insights into working coaching sessions with both regular and famous people

Tell Me Who You Really Are is a completely unique style of podcasting, taking the medium in a new direction as you eavesdrop on the intimacy of live conversations between me and my clients.

Since winning an international award in 2019 my private coaching practice has been full meaning that sessions with me are like gold dust. The people I coach on this podcast (some anonymously) have grabbed this chance for a coaching session, aware that they are being recorded. The podcast is published with their permission.

Listen as I work with real clients on their goals, hopes, problems and relationship struggles. Hear how the power of inquiry quickly reveals the truth of what’s behind their problems, who the client really is in that moment and how, when the client allows themselves to be vulnerable, the deeper truth of their situation emerges enabling them to face the future with a fresh perspective and renewed confidence.

If you would like to be considered for a recorded coaching session (it’s free!) please email me.

Tell Me Who You Really Are
Tell Me Who You Really Are
Episode 1 - Tina - How can I be a more confident parent?
  • Episode 1 - Tina - How can I be a more confident parent?

    Episode 1 - Tina - How can I be a more confident parent?

    Mar 3, 2023 • 01:02:10

    In this episode we hear Tina as she explores the changing relationship she has with her two sons in their transition into adulthood.

  • Episode 2 - Isabel - How can I eat less?

    Episode 2 - Isabel - How can I eat less?

    Mar 8, 2023 • 00:53:40

    Meet Isabel – a successful middle-aged mother and coach who came to me wanting to speak about her diet. Isabel would like to eat less in order to shift a bit of weight and feel better about her body.  What she reveals in this episode will ring true for probably…

  • Episode 3 - Bryony Gordon - How can I stop people pleasing?

    Episode 3 - Bryony Gordon - How can I stop people pleasing?

    Mar 8, 2023 • 00:58:40

    Bryony Gordon needs no introduction. A bestselling author and Telegraph journalist she has been a major player in changing the conversations we can all now have around our mental health. She’s also the founder of Mental Health Mates – a charity offering peer support for those of us struggling with…

  • Episode 4 - Jo -

    Episode 4 - Jo - "I'm not good enough"

    Mar 25, 2023 • 00:56:04

    Vulnerability is the path we must walk to the truth and in this episode, Jo’s enormous courage to be vulnerable is rewarded with a huge shift in her mindset.  She suffers from social anxiety which has worsened since the pandemic to the point where she’s even been afraid to take…

  • Episode 5 - Daphne - “Bullies destroyed my confidence.”

    Episode 5 - Daphne - “Bullies destroyed my confidence.”

    Apr 2, 2023 • 00:51:08

    Meet Daphne – a successful businesswoman who suffers with anxiety and a loss of confidence due to former workplace bullying and menopausal issues. For context, Daphne has been through two bouts of serious workplace bullying neither of which were dealt with appropriately.  Hear how the dusty ghosts from the past…

  • Episode 6 - Jo -

    Episode 6 - Jo - "People Should Be Nice"

    Apr 24, 2023 • 00:53:34

    In this final episode of Season One, we hear Jo as she explores the impact three significant episodes of bullying have had on her and her confidence. We also explore magical thinking and how expecting other people to just be nice and behave in certain ways can seriously affect our…

  • Episode 7 - Alice -

    Episode 7 - Alice - "I take things personally at work"

    Feb 20, 2024 • 00:55:02

    Meet Alice – a successful writer who came to me wanting to react less personally to feedback and criticism so that she could do better at her job and find life a little easier in the feedback culture at work. What she reveals in this episode will echo with you…

  • Episode 8 - Anthony -

    Episode 8 - Anthony - "How Can I Stop Being So Hard On Myself?"

    Feb 26, 2024 • 00:51:24

    Anthony seeks to raise his self-esteem and stop being so hard on himself. Last season we only heard from women so I’m delighted that two men have agreed to take part this time and Anthony’s story is so relatable. We’ve coached in the past and he’s one of the loveliest…

  • Episode 9 - Jonny - “What if I go all in and I end up hating it?”

    Episode 9 - Jonny - “What if I go all in and I end up hating it?”

    Mar 4, 2024 • 00:50:02

    Jonny is a young entrepreneur who started our session by saying he wanted to look at money blocks because he felt he wasn’t reaching his potential. Some digging revealed that his issue was that he didn’t know what he wanted to focus on in his career for fear that he’d give…

  • Episode 10 - Ruth -

    Episode 10 - Ruth - "He called me a fat bitch."

    Mar 11, 2024 • 00:43:58

    I defy you not to fall in love with Ruth when you meet her. Her ability to be honest, vulnerable and authentic inspires me and in this episode, we hear about her struggles with food, weight and body image. Her goal for our session was to learn to love and accept…

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“Jo’s work is unbelievable effective both short and long term. She worked with my peer group to build a highly performing team and the results have been astonishing.” Patrick

“Jo is inspirational. She has the ability to look at you and somehow see your soul and what’s really going on deep, deep inside.” Suzanne

“WOW! We are now back to reality after an amazing week. I cannot thank you enough for the time we had with you – big decisions on the way forward being made and also a real sense of team being formed.” Alison

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