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Where does your self-esteem come from?

My of my happiest childhood memories is of buying my senior school uniform for the first time. This is because I’d passed the Eleven Plus and was stupidly proud to be going to a grammar school. My self esteem was very, very low and so to be good at studying was my way of gaining approval from others. My new uniform aged 11 felt like a badge of honour to me…

Fast forward 32 years and I’ve just taken my eldest to buy her first senior school uniform and she is also proud but for different reasons. She’s just proud to be growing up! It was lovely to see the pride on her little face as she put on her blazer for the first time.

But, it’s got me questioning where I gain my self esteem from these days and it’s wonderful to be able to say that it’s not because I belong to a particular group, achieve stuff or wear certain clothes. My self esteem these days is based on being a loving person to the best of my ability. It’s also based in my chosen spirituality which enables me to live in the moment and give of myself freely to this world.

Of course, my productivity is linked to my self esteem and of course I like to look presentable to the world but my roots are now deeply planted the stuff of lasting self-esteem – love, kindness, gratitude, mindfulness and letting go.

I hope my daughters will be able to say this in 32 years…

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