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Positive psychology Archives - Jo Emerson Positive psychology Archives - Jo Emerson

Be kind to yourself June 6, 2016 – Posted in: Confidence

BKTY As you know I’m writing about kindness this month, as I believe it’s a crucial element in cultivating a confident, authentic life. I totally and emphatically believe that the kinder we are to others the better we feel about ourselves. But, this needs to start at home, with ourselves. Someone once sent me a text saying, simply; “BKTY” I had to text her back and ask what she meant. “Be Kind To Yourself,” came…

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Kill ‘em with kindness… May 16, 2016 – Posted in: Leaders and Teams, Relationships

I have a strong belief that all unkindness is rooted in unhappiness and fear. The people I know who are frequently unkind are usually very, very unhappy with themselves and with their lives. They are afraid of what people think of them, they are afraid of rejection, afraid that someone might be ‘better’ than them in some way, afraid of the future etc., etc… So, if someone is unkind they are probably unhappy and afraid.…

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You Are Not Your Past June 18, 2015 – Posted in: Personal Development, Relationships

Hello, You are not your past. Do you know that? You’re not your past. Your past is an influencing factor in your present – we all have memories locked away that can trigger learnt (automatic) responses today – but you are not your past unless you choose to live there.

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How Is Your Relationship With Your Body? – Posted in: Confidence

I was chatting to someone recently over coffee about body image and how we can all get caught up in comparing ourselves to others all the time. And, when we compare ourselves we are either engaging in pride (my body is better than theirs) or fear (their body is better than mine). Neither is healthy, neither is loving.

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Live Life With Gratitude June 10, 2015 – Posted in: Confidence, Personal Development

Today, be grateful. Whatever you have be thankful you have it. Whatever you don’t have be thankful too (when you eventually get it you’ll realise why you had to wait). Be grateful for those you love. Send warmth to those you struggle with (they are likely teaching you something about yourself). Write a list of ten things you are grateful for and get on with your day. Live to the best of your ability today…

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The Trouble With Worrying – Posted in: Confidence, Personal Development

Hello, How much value do you place on your worrying? I know that sounds like a crazy question but just think about it for a minute. I know that for years (until I was in my mid-thirties) I actually thought that I was somehow controlling the outcome of a situation by worrying about it. Or, that if I stopped worrying I would be giving ‘life’ permission to do it’s worst.

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