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I was chatting to someone recently over coffee about body image and how we can all get caught up in comparing ourselves to others all the time. And, when we compare ourselves we are either engaging in pride (my body is better than theirs) or fear (their body is better than mine). Neither is healthy, neither is loving.

I remember a few years ago I was having a ‘fat day’. I was feeling that my (perfectly normal) body wasn’t good enough and I was caught up in the cycle of mentally berating myself for my post-pregnancy tummy.

And then one of my children came up to me and snuggled into me for a cuddle. I hadn’t mentioned how I was feeling (I don’t want to pass that kind of thinking onto my girls) but she said, “I love your tummy, mummy – it’s so soft and its where we all grew.”

And, in an instant my frame changed! What an HONOUR it is to have stretch marks on my belly! Some people never get to house a child!

Is my body perfect-looking? NO!!

Did it provide the perfect home of love, safety and nurture for my babies as they grew? YES!

No need for comparison. No need for pride or fear. Just gratitude and acceptance, and with that, peace.


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