On Worrying July 29, 2015 – Posted in: Confidence, Personal Development, Relationships, Spirituality – Tags: , , ,

How much value do you place on your worrying?

What I mean by this is, how much do you feel you can effect in life by worrying? Many people believe that it’s their job and duty to worry. They wear their concern like a uniform.

I used to believe that my worrying was somehow keeping a tidal wave of ‘bad stuff’ at bay and that if I were to stop worrying, I would be giving my permission to life to do it’s worst. Like it needed my permission..!

Seeing my insanity in this was the first step towards undoing my own terrible worry habit.

The second step was to accept that there are many things in life I can’t control.

The third step was to take action over the things I could control.

The fourth step was to learn to let go and trust.

I still practise these steps. I’m getting much, much better at them – most of the time!

Worrying never achieved anything apart from stress and negativity. Acceptance, action and letting go have brought many beautiful gifts into my life…



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