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Life is about unlearning fear through the practice of love…

The greatest antidote to fear is love. What do I mean by this? I mean that when you are afraid you are often believing the fearful, bullying voice in your head and your way out of that is to remember that you are loved and to act lovingly towards yourself and towards others.

That bullying voice is the one in your head that tells you you’re not good enough, that everything will go wrong, that you won’t cope if such-and-such happens or if so-and-so leaves. It’s the voice that tells you that hiding is a good idea or that everyone is out to get you – it’s the voice of fear and fear is not the truth! We believe that bullying voice is telling the truth but it’s not.

Love is a kind of eternal fact of life – we are all here for the purposes of loving and being loved. I realised this when my father died in 1999 because he and his body were gone but my love for him wasn’t. My children are on holiday with their father right now but my love for them isn’t away on holiday – it’s right here, alive and kicking (and enjoying the silence if truth be told…!)

Love is an eternal, formless truth that helps us live in the moment, free from fear. The more we love the more loving we become and the more love we attract – it’s a virtuous cycle.

So, today, when you are afraid of who you are or your future or your past, ask yourself what love would do in this situation and then do it!

Love tells me that everything will work out OK if I just keep doing the next right thing each day. Love tells me there’s nothing to fear unless I choose to be afraid. Love tells me to relax, take it easy, trust, breathe and live.

What does love tell you?

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