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I’ve written about gratitude before but it’s worth returning to, as it’s so very, very powerful. If you are feeling low or frustrated or heartbroken then focussing on the small positive things in your life will give you a boost, take you momentarily away from your negative thoughts and give you a new perspective on your situation.

Gratitude won’t solve your problems and it won’t take your sadness away. In fact, it’s vital that you feel your sadness if you need to. But what gratitude will do is give you the perspective that all is not lost, that there is still goodness in your life, that things will improve and that you are OK.

A few years ago, when things were really tough for me, I started a habit of emailing myself every evening with a list of ten things I was grateful for from that day. Then, when I awoke the next morning it would be the first thing I read.

It was an amazing way to start the day because I was reminded of the goodness in my life before I got out of bed to face the struggles I was encountering at that time. I still practice gratitude on a regular basis – here’s one of the lists I wrote last year…

Subject: Things I’m grateful for today…

1. My growing self-awareness
2. The girls have full bellies and warm beds
3. The Mark Matousek book I’m reading
4. That lovely bedtime cuddle with Beth
5. My work
6. Our lovely home
7. That I’m going abroad in 2 months!
8. Fitness
9. My amazing friends
10. The rain on my windows

If you’re struggling at the moment, or if you’re not, try emailing yourself with a gratitude list every evening for a week and then let me know how it changes your perspective. This really works!

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