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How easy do you find it to allow yourself to be vulnerable? If you’re like most people the answer to that question is probably “not very.” I’m of the opinion that one of our greatest problems as a race is our inability to be vulnerable because it leads to mask wearing, isolation and anxiety.

The great dichotomy is that the thing we often most fear – being vulnerable and exposed – is the only way we can get what we truly desire – love, trust and acceptance. We fear that allowing ourselves to be vulnerable will cause people to judge and reject us (and some probably will) but allowing ourselves to be vulnerable with decent people actually enriches those relationships and boosts our self esteem.

If you’ve been shamed in the past for being who you are then you are going to find vulnerability even harder but I promise you it’s the only way out of your shame!

I have the immense privilege of daily hearing peoples’ vulnerability in my coaching practice. It’s the most beautiful and life-affirming aspect of my work. When someone allows themselves to be real with me they often cry at the same time. They then apologise for their tears but, for me, tears are just a wonderful outward sign of an inner letting go.

Being real is beautiful because it’s the primary ingredient for true human connection. When I was able to start being real and vulnerable with another person I was able to start loving and accepting myself and the ripple effect of this was more love and acceptance of others.

Find someone to be real with today. Show yourself and allow them to show themselves to you – in this moment you will experience the best life has to offer… x

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