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As a confidence coach I’m often asked what I do in order to be more confident. And my answer is that it’s not so much what I do but what I THINK that allows me to have a confident day.

Through the daily practice of awareness I’ve become increasingly alert to how my thoughts can make or break my day. If I believe the voice of fear that wants to keep me in my place and get me worrying about tomorrow then I will be in an unconfident (anxious) state. However, if I choose to connect with and believe the voice of love and wisdom within me then I can exist in a confident (serene) state.

So, the very best thing you can DO to have a more confident day is to notice fear and replace it with faith and love. If you can’t do this for yourself (I sometimes can’t ) then call a trusted friend or advisor, share your fear and ask for their objective antidote. Or read a book that will inspire you.

Fear is a bully and the best thing we can do with bullies is to walk away…

Wishing you a fear-free day.


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