You Get What You Give June 10, 2015 – Posted in: Personal Development, Relationships – Tags: , , , , , , ,


I read this recently and thought, “YES!”:

“As we demonstrate love towards others, we learn that we are lovable and we learn how to love more deeply. However, as we demonstrate fear or negativity, we learn self-condemnation and we learn to feel more frightened of life.”

This is SO TRUE! What we give to this world and the people in it we GET BACK. So, we can choose to spend the day bemoaning and belittling the people who’ve been elected to run our country (and poison ourselves with negativity in the process) or we can wish them our best (and feel better ourselves).

We can choose to moan about the rain (and believe it’s a bad thing and that we live in a bad, wet country) or be grateful that we have enough to drink. Which is going to leave you feeling better, happier and more at peace?

Choosing love (acceptance, peace, truth) isn’t always easy but it sure beats poisoning your mind with negativity, fear and hatred.


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