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Set with enthusiasm and all good intentions, resolutions are meant to improve our lives. The problem, as we all know, is that they are usually ‘broken’ by the end of January, leaving us feeling dejected, despondent and cross with ourselves.

I was caught in this trap for many, many years until one Christmas I thought I’d set goals for the coming year instead of make resolutions, the focus being on things I could achieve over the entire 365 days rather than an intense spurt of activity in the coldest, darkest month of the year. And, it works! Why? Because the pressure is off, the goals are positively stated and I get to design my life for the year so my aims are based on my needs and desires, not what the world tells me I ‘should’ be doing.

On my list this year were plans to grow my coaching practice, have more fun, spend more quality time with my children and maintain my health and fitness. There were also specific things like replacing a window in my house and framing a picture that had been languishing in its cardboard sleeve for too long. Everything on the list was something that would enhance my life because I wanted to make it happen.

There is one extra special thing I also do at this time; I make a list of all I’ve achieved over the previous year. From little things like growing herbs and lettuce and getting my kids to school on time every day (!) to the bigger things like writing my column and finishing my book. All of these things remind me of how rich and rewarding life is and give me the motivation I need to plan for the coming year.

So, if resolutions fill you with dread you might want to try goal-setting instead.

I wish you a peaceful, happy and successful 2015.

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