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Everything's on loan

Nothing in this life is permanent apart from our sense of self and our connection to a higher consciousness. Everything else is on loan.

This means our children are on loan to us, our parents, our friends and our colleagues. Some people are loaned to us for decades, others for a day but no one person is yours for the keeping no matter how much you’d like them to be.

Our stuff is also on loan – our homes, our cars, our clothes and our iPhones – all on loan. Again, we may keep these things for a long time or just briefly but they are not actually ours even if we’ve paid for them in full. Because, if disaster struck these things could go but we would still be here, surviving.

Non-tangible things are also on loan – our careers, our health etc. We can do our best with these things but we can’t guarantee we’ll have them forever.

Knowing that everything is on loan has helped me to STOP identifying myself with impermanence and focus on what will always be there – my sense of self and my connection to a higher consciousness. This has brought me peace.

This doesn’t mean people, stuff and the non-tangibles don’t matter. They matter a GREAT DEAL. But, I know and accept that they are not mine. That they are on loans. That it’s my job to honour them, care for them, do my best with them and learn from them. But it’s also my job to allow my identity to be separate from these things.

This is the path to serenity.

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