The Most Moving Interview I’ve Ever Done May 17, 2024 – Posted in: Advice, Confidence, Leaders and Teams, Personal Development, Relationships, Spirituality

This month I want to tell you about Emma Campbell, an incredible woman I interviewed recently on The No Filter Zone podcast for Azio Beauty who has been living with a secondary cancer diagnosis these past fourteen years whilst also raising triplets and another child alone.

Yes, you read that right, Emma is a single mother of four living with cancer. She’s known to her 67,000 Instagram followers as LimitlessEm because, at some stage on this mountainous journey, she decided to live a limitless life despite her cancer. But it wasn’t always like this and her story is so inspiring precisely because she has gone from feeling utterly crushed and terrified to being able to see the joy and opportunity in every day. She’s a complete inspiration – down to earth, vulnerable and totally authentic.

If you want to be inspired, motivated and energised to live a full and rich life despite your circumstances I highly recommend you watch this episode and learn how Emma:

* Found the courage to leave the father of her children when her triplets were babies

* Coped with her secondary cancer diagnosis 

* Still grieves the loss of her friend, Dame Deborah James

* Overcame secondary infertility to become a mother of triplets (in a small top floor flat!)

* Finds joy and purpose in everyday

* Has learned to manage that voice of fear and negativity daily.

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