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As a coach, I am always on the lookout for the themes that run through my clients’ lives.  Why? Because these themes usually point us in the direction of where you might be stuck and where, exactly, the root of your confidence issues might lie.

More recently I’ve been struck by the universal themes I am hearing across so many of my clients’ lives. Two questions keep coming up;
“Who will I be after the pandemic?” and “How will I return to ‘normality’ with confidence?”

The pandemic has changed us all and I don’t know anyone who has been unaffected by it.  A year ago many of us thought the world was ending, thousands of us have lost friends and family members to Covid and we have all lived with serious restrictions to our freedom.  

I am of the opinion that the world has been living in fear and I know that when we listen to fear it’s very hard to stay sane and stable.  So, the pandemic and its attendant fear has rocked us all.

But… I think the pandemic has also given us a chance to reflect on who we are, what’s important to us, and what makes us happy.  

The pandemic has given us a new perspective and, as a coach, I know that new perspectives always help us to see a situation with more clarity and truth.

So, if you are asking who you will be after the pandemic and how you will return to ‘normality’ with confidence I have put a set of coaching questions together for you below.  

Grab half an hour with a pen and paper and allow the power of coaching to help you see your next steps with clarity. Grab a journal and answer the questions below. Allow time and space for some deep truths to make their way to the page.


Q1: Who was I before the pandemic (describe yourself)

Q2: What about me was I proud of before the pandemic?

Q3: Which bits of me did I want to change pre-pandemic?

Q4: How has the pandemic changed me?

Q5: Who do I want to be post-pandemic?

Q5: What three things can I do to start being that person now?

Q6: What internal negative tapes am I listening to about who I am and who I have to be?

Q7: How can I be kinder to myself now and post-pandemic?


Q1: What assumptions am I making about a post-pandemic world?

Q2: What negative assumptions am I making about myself post-pandemic?

Q3: What would I say to a young child in this situation?

Q4: How can I apply that kindness to myself?

Q5: If I knew everything was going to be okay, how would I return to normality?

Q6: Who do I need to be honest with?

Q7: How do you eat an elephant…?  ????

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