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Your inner sparkle is THE ONLY sparkle you should be interested in showing to the world.  Why?  Because it’s the real you and that’s what’s always most attractive.  Your inner sparkle is unique and you’ll know you’ve found it when you feel like you are flowing through life, connecting easily with people, and generally attracting positive things into your world.

How to find it…

  1. STOP comparing yourself to others and start concentrating on being truly you.  You’d never compare the Eiffel Tower to the Grand Canyon so stop comparing you to another person.  You’re both amazing, in your own unique ways.
  1. START connecting with yourself on a daily basis.  You can do this on a walk, or through a 5-minute meditation, or listening to music, or journalling.  How you do it doesn’t matter, just being present with yourself is the point because when you are connected to yourself you start to relax more into yourself.
  1. DO WHAT YOU LOVE AND DO IT FOR FUN!  Find things you enjoy doing and crack on with them.  Salsa, rock climbing, gardening, pottery, writing, cycling, cooking, eating, talking – it doesn’t matter what you do, it just matters that you enjoy it.  You, having fun and being real releases the inner sparkle!
  1. FIND BALANCE – without balance your sparkle will lose its shine.  Sparklers need rest, good food, rewarding work, exercise, fun, love and friendship.  Fill your life with these things in balanced amounts.
  1. LOVE – the most attractive and sparkly people I know are those who understand that love is a verb.  They practice being loving to others and themselves on a daily basis.  Just be loving to everyone you meet and you will find your inner sparkle goes bananas!
  1. FOCUS ON GIVING – we were each put here for a reason.  Focus on giving what you have to the world and your life will fall into place.  Giving makes you feel good and, yes you’ve guessed it, all sparkly!!


This article first appeared in Pick Me Up magazine, for which I write a monthly advice column.

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