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Here’s what I’m mulling today… “He who says he can and he who says he can’t are both usually right” – Confucius

Only this morning my eldest daughter told me she, ‘can’t do maths’. But when I challenged her on this she realised that she can do maths but that maybe it’s a subject that doesn’t come as naturally to her as others. This new frame changes her perception of her abilities with this subject.

I can do whatever I set my mind to today. My thoughts (decisions) followed up with actions create my reality. So, I have to believe it first and then follow it up.

I was reading about Cary Grant last night – he came from very humble, dysfunctional beginnings but that didn’t stop him going for what he wanted in life. He said, “I pretended to be someone I wanted to be and I finally became that person. Or he became me. Or we met at some point.”

Don’t you just love that?! He ‘acted as if’ he was a successful movie star and eventually he became it. Whatever is uniquely in you is your gift to the world. So, act as if you have it nailed, practice hard at it, don’t give up and believe – the rest will follow.


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