What’s your truth? February 11, 2016 – Posted in: Confidence, Spirituality

I remember working with a client years ago who was really struggling to make the change he’d told me he wanted for his life. He’d set goals to get a big promotion at work and to find a partner to settle down with and start a family. He seemed pretty driven to achieve these things and was an incredibly capable man, but was nonetheless struggling to make any progress.

It wasn’t until we were into our third session that he mentioned the regret he felt at not having travelled when he’d been younger. He was 30 at the time we were working together and had gone straight into a job after university, choosing security over the uncertainty of travelling that his friends had chosen.

And, he’d regretted it ever since.

There was still a huge part of him that wanted to travel. To experience the freedom of having no agenda for a year or two. To live for the moment, day-to-day, working along the way and seeing where life took him.

This was his truth. And this truth wasn’t going away!

When we looked at his goals in light of this truth it became clear to him that he wasn’t ready for the big job and serious relationship. His truth was that he wanted to be free for a while.

So, he did a very courageous thing. He asked for a sabbatical, rented out his house and took off to the mountains to teach skiing for a few months to start his adventure… All this was arranged and sorted within weeks, unlike his previous goals that he’d been procrastinating on for months and months.

So, what’s your truth? Are your goals truly aligned with what you want or what you think you ‘should’ want? What you ‘should’ want are other people’s goals. Let them go for theirs and you go for yours.

It’s your life so be true to yourself…

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