Truth month February 3, 2016 – Posted in: Personal Development

Each month this year I’m going to be writing about a different topic and February is truth month!

So, why do I want to talk about truth? Because I believe our lack of truth-telling underpins so many of our problems.

I know from painful experience how non-truths can impact us. A particular non-truth within my family of origin caused a lot of confusion, insecurity and anxiety for me. I also know that when I finally knew the (painful) truth I was able to deal with my feelings in a much healthier, cleaner way and move past them. The lies literally kept me locked in.

We are very, very accomplished as a race at hiding our true feelings about things for fear of being truly known, rejected or judged. Now, I’m not advocating we march around telling everyone how we feel all the time but I’m also aware that hiding your truth (especially from the people closest to you) can be highly toxic for you and your relationships. Why? Because, in our hiding from others we are often also hiding from ourselves. So, not speaking your truth can be a form of self-abandonment.

I’ve coached hundreds of people who are sick (emotionally) with their secrets. Once they’ve told someone their ‘secret’ they can then own it, deal with it and move beyond it. Before then, the secret (the non-truth) is eating them alive.

And nothing gives me more pleasure than being a vessel for that truth. Because I know that truth literally sets us free.

Sometimes, all you need to do to be free (emotionally) is write down your truth. See it, accept it and allow it. Then you can decide what you want to do with it.

Lies are based in fear. Truth (spoken gently and without expectation) is rooted in love. And, a life lived in love is a beautiful thing to behold…

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