Other people November 25, 2015 – Posted in: Leaders and Teams, Personal Development, Relationships – Tags: , ,

One of the main problems my clients come to see me about is ‘other people’. My clients often feel stressed out by, disappointed in and persecuted by other people and come to me to work out ways in which to change those people.

And my response is always, “I can’t change that person but we can change you; how you respond to them, how to allow them to affect you, how much power you give to them…”

A very wise person once said that if something is upsetting you about someone else you need to look at YOURSELF to work out what’s going on. Either you need to stop playing the victim, leave the relationship, speak your truth more clearly or look at your control issues.

It’s also true to say that the people who are winding us up the most are usually mirroring something we don’t like about ourselves.

Other people have their process – let them have it.

You have yours – focus on that and you’ll be much less stressed, much less disappointed and much more empowered.

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