Cherishing our needs November 25, 2015 – Posted in: Personal Development, Spirituality

I read this the other day, “Cherish need because it is part of our relationship to the Universe.”

The writer was talking about how beautiful life can be when we allow ourselves to need God/Source/Universe/Life/Nature to provide for certain aspects of our lives and how, when we trust that these needs will be met, we can let go and get on with living our lives.

This has certainly become truer and truer in my life; I endeavour to do my best with the 24-hours I have and leave the big stuff (the future, the weather, the state of the economy, other people etc) to Life. Because all of that stuff in the brackets is none of my business, quite frankly.

But, I also cherish my need for others and others’ needs for me. When I can allow myself to be vulnerable and ask another for help I build a true connection with that person, which is to be cherished! In fact, true connection with another is what I live for these days.

I also love to be able to help another person as it makes me feel alive! Again, their need for my help is something to be cherished because it builds connection.

Of course, sometimes I am to meet my own needs by journaling, walking in nature, meditating, taking a nap, going for a run etc. This builds healthy connection to self, empowerment and self-esteem.

When we fear that our needs won’t be met we become fearful of need itself. However, when we can trust that our needs will be met (somehow) we are able to cherish our needs because they build connection with Life, ourselves and others.

Wishing you a peaceful start to the week… x

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