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Sometimes it is so hard to let go. Often, despite all the evidence to leave a situation/person/place/job we cling to it emotionally (if not physically).


I have recently had to let go of someone and its been very hard for me emotionally. And, if I’m honest it’s because I didn’t really understand what was going on. But, I still knew I had to let go of this person and of the friendship I thought we might have because to stay would’ve been damaging.

I am lucky to have healthy enough self-esteem these days to know when to call something quits. However, I have still revisited the situation emotionally for a while, trying to work out what happened, what I could’ve done differently and what the lessons have been.

You could argue that this is because I care – and you would be correct. But, its also because letting go is hard, especially if you are someone who likes to make things right.

This is where practising acceptance is such a powerful tool. If I accept that everything is as it should be today; that I am learning the lessons I need to learn and that I am feeling the feelings I need to feel in order to move past them, then I can let go with more peace in my heart.

In my experience letting go is a process often undertaken several times before the thing is ‘gone’. Letting go does not mean you don’t care but that you are willing to accept the unknowns in life and keep on living and loving and trying.


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