Your purpose in life…? It’s to GIVE! September 2, 2015 – Posted in: Personal Development, Relationships – Tags: , , ,

I’ve written before about this being a ‘giving life’, by which I mean that I find meaning and value in the every day when my intention is to give to others, to bless others, to look for ways in which I can serve the world.

But, more recently I’ve come to learn that when my clients ask me, “what’s my purpose in life?” my best course of action is to direct them towards what it is they have to give to the world and the people in it.

Giving is the very essence of life and giving is the essence of love so it makes sense that you will find your purpose in doing what you love in life with an attitude of giving.

By giving I don’t mean giving without recompense. By giving I don’t mean bleeding yourself dry. By giving I mean trusting Life to meet your needs and with that in mind doing what you can each day to give your love, your talents, your attention to the world and the people you encounter.

One of my former foster kids now works as a home carer in the community. This is a tough job but he loves it. Does he draw a huge salary from it? No! Does he gain status from doing it? Not much! But, does he feel amazing giving of himself to these needy people? Yes! He loves to work with physically vulnerable people in the same way that I love to work with emotionally vulnerable people. His work connects him to himself, to his higher self, to his need to be of service.

We all have something unique to give to the world and it doesn’t have to be ground breaking on a national or global scale to matter. Every act of giving is an act of love that has positive repercussions for the whole world.

Focussing on ‘getting’ is an ego-based fear reaction to the belief that the world is an unkind place.  

Focussing on ‘giving’ is a peace-based response based on the belief that the world is a benevolent place.

Whichever belief you choose will determine your life. If you like the thought that this world might be a benevolent place then focus on giving, join the benevolence and watch the world change before your very eyes…

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