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A while ago I received some life-changing news that rocked my world and, sporadically over the ensuing months, I’ve been coming to terms with it and trying to find a comfortable shape for it to fit into my life.

I’m still working on it.

Since I started on my active journey towards higher consciousness (i.e when I finally surrendered my ego and let God/Source/Life in) I’ve noticed that my first response to painful news is, “How can I learn to accept this?” This is progress from my former first response which used to be, “This isn’t fair!”

So, I’ve moved on. I can see growth!

However, having had my initial thought I still go through many, many other emotions like denial, wishing it wasn’t true, hoping for resolution in ‘my time’, grief, frustration and fear. The difference today is that I KNOW what’s happening and I can choose to rebalance at any time.

Life is a process. Grief is a process. Just because I don’t like the process doesn’t mean I’m exempt from experiencing it! It’s life! My life has ups and downs like everyone else’s.

Gratitude for the abundant blessings in my life helps.
Acceptance that everything is as it should be helps.
Trusting in the God of my understanding, reconnecting to Source, sharing with you guys, focussing on what I can give to the world today all helps!

The pain will pass but pain has always been my greatest teacher so the best thing I can do – we all can do – is trust in the process.

I wish you a beautiful day x

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