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True courage October 24, 2016 – Posted in: Personal Development

I was absolutely blown away by a 22-year old soldier named Jack Davis on the TV this morning. He was on a breakfast show talking about true courage. Nothing to do with war. Nothing to do with guns. Nothing to do with combat.

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On grief and grieving December 6, 2015 – Posted in: Advice, Relationships

I have several clients at the moment who are grieving. Some are grieving people, some are grieving the loss of a job or a relationship. One is grieving the loss of his independence. Whatever we grieve it’s vital to understand that it’s a process and one that can’t be rushed or forced.

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Trust in the process September 13, 2015 – Posted in: Confidence

A while ago I received some life-changing news that rocked my world and, sporadically over the ensuing months, I’ve been coming to terms with it and trying to find a comfortable shape for it to fit into my life.

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