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For years I had no idea what self love was and, in fact, I probably thought it was a narcissism in disguise. Today, I better understand what self love is and why it’s so important for us all to practice and develop it.

In essence, self love means taking care of your body, your mind, your heart, your environment and your heart. It’s feeding yourself well, taking exercise, spending time in meditation, enjoying fun with friends and walking away from situations in which you feel compromised or abused.

Self-love is also about listening to your emotions and tending to them with care. If you’re upset ask yourself what you need to do to take care of yourself whilst you feel upset. That’s self love! Self love also involves planning and enjoying time alone with yourself. I think when we can do that we have probably reached the shores of the island of self love.

Self-love is not selfishness. Self love is understanding that you are responsible for taking care of your needs and asking for what you want, accepting that the other person may need to say ‘no’ as their own act of self love.

But most of all, self love means staying with yourself throughout the day. Avoiding addictive distractions and tending to yourself as you would a young child.

With love, with acceptance, with patience and with kindness.

When we’ve mastered this, we can master the art of loving another. After all, we can only meet and love another to the extent that we’ve met and loved ourselves.


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