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trust truth and teams

In my work with corporate teams and leaders I am constantly struck by the huge importance of trust. In fact, I would argue that trust is the foundation stone of any functioning team (by which I include families, social groups, online groups etc).

Any community of people needs trust in order to function well.

You see, if we don’t trust others we are immediately on the back-foot, playing a defensive role and competing with the very people we should be supporting and encouraging.

Lack of trusts causes;

Politics – when people choose their words and actions based on how they want others to react rather than based on what they really think. Telling ‘white lies’ rather than telling the truth (no matter how difficult that might be).

Passive aggression – saying what you want others to hear and then doing something different.

Oneupmanship – putting individual success ahead of team success. The technique or practice of gaining an advantage or feeling of superiority over another person. Being competitive with those who are on the same team as you.

Can you see how a lack of trusts wastes so much time, money and energy? Businesses wanting to increase profits should begin by building cohesive, trusting teams because these are the people who will get stuff done in new and exciting ways! Trusting teams of people become willing to truly think outside of the box while they grow your business.

Building trust starts with an acknowledgement that it’s lacking. From there, with expert help, teams can begin to build deep trust and start the journey of true collaboration and exciting innovation.

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