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Catsuit and valley

At home, my husband and the kids are calling 2019 ’the year of the catsuit’ because I wore a white catsuit to marry that amazing man in April and a black catsuit last month to win Executive Coach of the Year at The International Coaching Awards!  What a moment that was!

The catsuit

I can’t even begin to tell you what that award means to me; to have my corporate work with teams and leaders recognised in this way has left me full of gratitude and pride.  I am grateful to do such powerful work and I am grateful that these big organisations trust me when I tell them that a deep, vulnerability and trust-based approach is the only way to create high functioning teams and leaders.  They really put their egos and fears on the line and we are  always astounded at the results.  I am proud of them, too, because they do the hard work of change and I am proud of the work I do to help them get there.  You can learn more about my work in the corporate sector here

The valley

But you know that I always insist on keeping it real. And I will tell you that between those two mountain-top catsuit-wearing moments in Spring and late Autumn I went through a deep and painful valley in my life as I faced into some very difficult relationship issues with people I’d known for a long time.  Summer 2019 was one of the most agonising seasons of my life, but I am long-enough in the personal development tooth now to know that all my greatest lessons and growth have come as a result of living in the valleys for a while.  

How did I get through?  I kept trudging (which means to ‘walk with purpose’), I listened to my guts, and managed that critical voice in my head. I upped my meditations to twice a day, I ate lots of nourishing foods and got out on my bike each day. I spoke to wise friends, I held my daughters and I was held by my husband. I also cracked on with my life coaching, training, mothering, partnering, reading, writing and hanging out with friends.

What have I learned?  

  • That sometimes you just have to walk away from people and protect yourself – this is not a failure but an act of courage and integrity.  You can walk away with love and acceptance in your heart, but walk away you must.  
  • I have been reminded that I can be very calm, still and centred in the core of my being while storms rage outside – this is freedom. 
  • I have learned that valleys are best navigated one step, one day at a time.  They pass and they pass well if you are open to the lessons they contain.
  • Finally, I have learned that I am better for the valley – freer, happier, lighter and deeper. Therefore, I am grateful for the valley, whilst also being bloody glad I’m through it!

If you are in a valley, please stay aware and open because I truly believe Life is trying to teach you something – something that you will be glad to have learned on the other side.  Look after yourself, get help and keep trudging.  I am a better coach, mother, friend and wife because of the valleys, they don’t last forever and sometimes you also get to wear catsuits and celebrate!

Merry Christmas x

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