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co-dependency Archives - Jo Emerson co-dependency Archives - Jo Emerson

How to Have a Great Career and Be a Great Parent July 29, 2015 – Posted in: Personal Development

One of the biggest challenges of modern life is how to juggle our work with our family commitments. Whilst some parents choose to stay home with their kids (and hats off to them!), most of us have to work or choose to work AND raise our kids.   So, how can you manage this in order to feel like you’re winning at both? For me it comes down to three things – drop the guilt,…

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Making Difficult Decisions March 2, 2015 – Posted in: Advice

How many times have you faced a decision in life that you’ve agonised over? I know that I’ve been in this situation on more than one occasion and the hours spent deliberating can be exhausting and, often, fruitless. If you are someone who lacks confidence then you will likely canvass everyone you know for their opinion on, ‘what you should do’. The problem with this is that everyone is likely to offer you a different…

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Co-dependents and control freaks August 13, 2014 – Posted in: Relationships, Uncategorized

I’ve just started writing my first book and realised very early on that I need to devote an entire chapter to this thing we coaches call, ‘co-dependency’ otherwise known as ‘victim mentality’ and/or ‘control freakery’. It’s a weighty subject, one I know only too well and something I constantly need to check in my own life. It deserves a whole chapter because I think we all suffer with it to varying degrees and yet we…

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