If you believe you can’t change then you won’t change. The opposite is also true.. November 4, 2015 – Posted in: Confidence – Tags: , ,

Two things I’ve been blessed with throughout my life are the knowledge that change is always possible and the determination to find a way to create that change. Sometimes change comes quickly and sometimes change comes agonisingly slowly, but it always comes IF I BELIEVE IT.

I have a friend; a wonderful, kind, creative, intelligent, witty friend who is stuck and believes he will always be stuck. For some reason he has convinced himself that he can’t change. But I know that it’s his belief that he can’t change that’s stopping him changing, not his inability to change.

Even if something awful, buried deep in your past, is causing you to be stuck you CAN root it out and stop its poison from hurting you. But only if you want to.

Most of us only change when the status quo gets too painful. That’s the beauty of pain – it propels us forwards if we allow it. Ask any alcoholic in recovery and they will tell you that their rock bottom (worst moment) turned out to be the key that unlocked the door to a new, sober, saner way of life.

The kind of change I deal in as a coach tends to be mental and emotional change. People change their thought patterns with me and, as a result, their lives change. It’s a beautiful thing to be a part of – I am truly blessed to do what I do.

So, please don’t ever give up on yourself. When things are at their bleakest you have a choice to sink or swim. And it is a choice. Once you start swimming you’ll see that little by little you are changing and growing.

You are shedding the old skin and growing a new one.

Change, the profound change of thought patterns and habits, is the stuff of life. It’s what we’re made for. Don’t ever stop believing in your ability to be free.


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