I meditated with my kids last night… October 2, 2015 – Posted in: Relationships, Spirituality

I have three daughters aged 11, 8 and 6. They are my pride and joy. They are also darned hard work!

Last night, the eldest two were stressed. One was worrying about something at school, the other couldn’t get to sleep. In a flash moment of clarity I decided to teach them some basic mindfulness. This was a moment of inspiration – it came from outside of me and I’ve learnt to pay heed to these moments because they are always transformative!

So, my two big babies lay on the floor and I knelt between them with a hand on each of their tummies. I taught them how to watch their breath, how to tense and relax their little bodies. We then breathed in love and gave our fear and worry to Life/God/Universe (their choice).

We spent a gorgeous 20-minutes deeply connected to each other and to Consciousness. They went straight to bed (that never usually happens!), utterly chilled, brimming with love and fell into deep sleeps.

And I realised that I had stumbled upon the most bonding practice I could engage in with my children.

You don’t have to be a zen master to do this! You don’t even have to be that great at meditation. I’m not! Just chilling, breathing and being with my daughters was enough.

Try it with someone you love and let me know how you get on…

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