How Well Do You Love Yourself? August 31, 2015 – Posted in: Confidence, Personal Development, Spirituality – Tags: ,

I remember about twenty years ago when I was first introduced to the concept of ‘self love’ and being, quite frankly, appalled! It was totally alien to me to think that people loved themselves. In fact, I probably thought that to do so was big headed, egotistical and narcissistic.

I was wrong. But then I didn’t really like myself back then…

Those who are able to practice self-love are some of the kindest, well-balanced and giving people I know. Those who practice self-love know when to say ‘no’ and when to stop. This means that when they give to you they are doing so fully and without resentment or reservation. They are not giving because they feel they should but because they want to, because giving to you feeds them!

Once I learnt to take care of myself I was able to love my friends and family better. I was less hard, more compassionate and far more forgiving.

Today, I am able to love myself. One of the key ways in which I do this is managing the chatter in my head. I choose to listen to wisdom and kindness and try to tune out from ego-driven fear.

Self love is not narcissistic or egotistical. It’s the foundation stone of loving others. It’s the beginning of giving. It’s the meat in the sandwich of self-esteem.


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