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This weekend I was in London with three school friends. I’ve known these incredible women for 30 years and we talk about everything!

One of my friends is really struggling with fear of dying at the moment and it’s got me thinking about how this fear has changed in my own life.

As a child I remember fearing death or personal danger, which I recognise now as a fear of loss of control, a fear of the unknown and a fear of pain. As an adult this morphed into a fear that other people (those close to me) might die. I recognised this as a fear of abandonment and aloneness; a fear of the unknown future.

Fear comes in all shapes and sizes and causes similar reactions in us all. The antidote to fear is the same across the board.

1. Accept that which you have no control over (death being a pretty stark example).

2. Live your best today – focussed on the moment and what you can give to the world.

3. Trust that Life knows what it’s doing (despite this not maybe matching up to your expectations).

If you are gripped by fear then recognise it for what it is – fear talking.

Focus on your senses – what can you see? what can you smell? what can you feel? what can you hear? Come back into your body, into the now, because today is all you have and today you are OK.

With my love x

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