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It’s a commonly held misconception in spiritual circles that anger is ‘wrong’ in some way. But is it?

I was taught by a wise friend that it’s OK and human to feel angry sometimes; that anger is a normal response in some situations. Anger can be a catalyst for creativity, courage and change!

What’s not OK is to allow that anger to become a resentment because when we resent someone we are then allowing what they did in the past to poison our present and our future. Deep resentments lead to family rifts, community unrest and global wars.

To resent something or someone is to re-feel what happened or what someone did. It’s allowing someone to live rent free in your head. It’s taking poison and expecting the other person to die… It’s a waste of your energy and the destruction of your peace of mind.

So, how can you stop your anger becoming a full blown resentment? Try this…

1. Acknowledge that you feel angry and ask yourself why.
2. Ask yourself what you can do (if anything) to change the situation.
3. Ask yourself what it is about that person that reminds you of yourself…
4. Let them go, wish them well (through gritted teeth if needs be), pray for them – whatever it takes to release them from your mind
5. Go about your day and repeat the above steps as often as you need to until you have peace

Anger can be a fuel for change. Resentment keeps you locked in old, unfulfilling, destructive cycles. It’s your choice…

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