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I awoke this morning knowing what was likely to be happening in America before I even saw the news. In fact, I think I’ve known for weeks because on a very real level the world is changing and I believe the only way to navigate these changes with any kind of sanity is to practice acceptance and to STOP buying into all the fear mongering and hatred.

This is not a political post, I promise! There is nothing in me that enjoys politics of any kind so I will leave that kind of analysis to the experts.

This is a post about compassion and understanding and calm during the storm. I understand how very troubled people are by America’s new choice of leader. It’s unsettling to have someone with such extreme views in charge. But, in charge he is and on some level we have to accept this in order to regain our perspective and take whatever appropriate action we feel we should. People have voted for him because they are deeply disillusioned by the status quo and have wanted change.

The hatred and fear and mud slinging I’m seeing online (towards voters as well as their new leader) is totally destructive and buys into a fear-based political system that uses manipulation and lies to gain control. In fact, it’s pulling the mud slingers down to the level of their target. I’m not saying people should just give up and stop fighting for what they believe in but I am suggesting we stop using hatred and start using our innate wisdom instead.

I don’t know what the answer is but I do know it doesn’t lie in fear and it doesn’t lie in hatred. All fear and hatred produce is more of the same in an ever continuous vicious cycle.

We have to rise above the mudslinging – it sticks to the hands of the person doing the slinging. I, for one, refuse to peddle hatred towards any other human being. However much I may disagree with their political view…

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