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Healthy Habits

January is usually a time that we take stock of where we are and start to re-evaluate whether we’re in the right place. This is very true of work, so here are my five tips for healthier habits to boost your career.

  1. Do a job you love and do it well

The best way to succeed at work is to find something you enjoy doing and then do it to the very best of your ability.  But, even if you are stuck in a job you’re not so keen on, you will still find that doing it with enthusiasm will improve your job satisfaction.  So, work hard and work well!

  1. Practice self-respect

The most productive people are those with enough self-respect to know how to take care of themselves.  People with a healthy glow work smarter and do better in their careers (and in life generally).  So, get to bed on time, eat your breakfast, lunch and dinner, drink lots of water, take time to exercise, practice mindfulness and don’t forget to play!  Happy people with balanced lives are much more likely to achieve well in their careers.

  1. Keep learning

The best way to stay interested in your job is to keep learning and growing.  So, ask your boss for fresh challenges, show a “can learn” attitude and be willing to grow from your mistakes.  Employees like this are promoted quickly!

  1. Have a coach or a mentor

Wisdom comes through experience and objectivity cannot be achieved in isolation.  A good coach/mentor will not only impart their wisdom to you but will help you see options and opportunities you would not be able to see alone.

  1. Set goals and write them down

If you are focussed on a written goal you are far more likely to achieve it (or come close to achieving it) than if you just meander through life.  So, have career goals that you set with your mentor or your boss and then work towards them.  You may never reach them but you will learn so much during the process…

Good luck!

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