Your guts are your truth tellers January 25, 2016 – Posted in: Confidence

I’m often asked to tell someone what I do in a nutshell and I always give the same answer…

“I plug people back into themselves.”

By this I mean that I help you to discover (or rediscover) what you truly feel, what you truly want to do, what you truly need to believe/change/say/be in order to live at your true potential.

Society and culture can pressure us daily, hourly, to be something we’re not. Society often defines success in terms of how much we earn or how thin we are, for example. I define success by how serene I feel and how loving I’m being. If I were to measure myself against my culture’s standards I may feel like a failure. If I measure myself against my own standards I’ll have a truer gauge of my progress.

And it’s in my guts that I know the truth of how I’m doing in any given moment. My ego (fear) lives in my head; it chatters away using scaremongering to fox me into thinking I’m not OK. And I used to believe its lies…

Not anymore!

I’ve learnt to listen to my guts. Because this is where Truth lives. My truth. This is where I plug into wisdom, love and peace. So when fear pipes up I have a choice. I can plug into it, believe it and be afraid or… I can unplug from fear (my head), plug into wisdom (my guts) and be true to myself, at peace, in the moment.

And this is how to find joy – deep joy – in your life.

Try it – it really works! Once you find your truth you won’t look back – I promise!

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