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If there’s one thing my clients have in common it’s a VERY critical voice on their shoulder, chirruping away with statements like these:

1. “You’re not good enough.'”
2. “You should be thinner/fatter/fitter/prettier/younger/richer!”
3. “They don’t like you!”
4. “Everyone else is doing better than you!”
5. “It’s all going to go wrong…”

You get the gist…

The problem with this critical voice is that it is rooted in fear and any life rooted in fear is a small life.

I can clearly remember the day when I decided to have 24 hours off from believing this critical voice – just to see what life would be like if I didn’t believe it. This was a major step for me as I was convinced that this voice was telling the truth and so to ignore it felt like a real act of rebellion.

But, when I let go I found freedom and I’ve never gone back! That voice is not telling you to the truth – it’s telling it’s fearful version of the truth. But there is another version of the truth, which is based on love and trust and faith in the process of life.

When I listen to this voice – when I plug into wisdom – fear leaves and peace enters in its place.

Try it today and let me know how you get on…


P.S. There’s much more about this on my eCourse which launches in September – more information to follow…

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