Happy New Year! January 6, 2016 – Posted in: Personal Development


I’ve been struck this week by the number of people on social media dreading the return to reality after the Christmas break. The holidays can be wonderful of course, but I believe that the ‘everyday’ can be just as wonderful if we choose to see it.

What do I mean by this? I mean that instead of living my life for weekends and holidays – getting through the time in order that I can enjoy my time off – I try to live for the day I’m in. I try to find growth, beauty and wonder in the everyday, enjoying the challenges of work and kids, allowing life to surprise me in small ways and big, learning the lessons of each day and accepting what comes. This puts me in the position to experience life on life’s terms, rather than to focus on what may or may not be in the future.

Now, of course the everyday is sometimes tough and exhausting. I have felt extremely overwhelmed this week as my responsibilities as a parent and business owner have kicked back in. But (and this is a BIG but) I absolutely love my life, warts and all, because of its rich variety of good and bad, tough and easy, hot and cold, challenge and flow. If I didn’t get tired I wouldn’t appreciate the gift of sleep. If I didn’t work I wouldn’t appreciate time off with my kids. If I didn’t take time off with my kids I wouldn’t appreciate time spent earning a wage and working towards my goals. If I didn’t get overwhelmed I wouldn’t appreciate the beauty of a still mind. If I hadn’t ever experienced boredom in my life I wouldn’t know how very lucky I am today to be actively engaged with all I do.

My point is that life is all about variety. The beauty of life is that every experience is temporary. Placing labels on these experiences can lead to negativity. We often deem work ‘bad’ and rest ‘good’ but both are beneficial to us! We need both in order to achieve a balanced, fulfilled life. Variety really is the spice of life. There’s a time for rest and a time for work, a time for struggle and a time for ease, a time for fun and a time for discipline, a time for tears and a time for joy. Learn to accept each as a they come and you will see the wonderful in every day.

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