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As a confidence coach, I help people rediscover their mojo. Life can knock us down but we can all choose to get up. I’m saying it’s easy or quick but with consistent work you can change.

This free ebook isn’t a list of how-to’s and quick fixes. Rather, it includes a few ideas to help you start getting to the root of your low self-esteem – things my clients and I have found helpful in building real and lasting confidence.

Discover my online course:
5 Steps to Lasting Confidence


If you can’t make my live Confidence Breakthrough seminar, or you prefer to work solo, try my 5-Step online confidence building course.

This course will teach you my proven technique for overcoming your low self-esteem. I’ll support you and we will work together to overcome your personal challenges and build a new life based on your new-found authentic, confident self.

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Read my debut book:
Flying For Beginners


So many of us lack self-belief, and most don’t know why. This book will help you if you’re crippled by low self-esteem or if you simply have annoying moments of self-doubt. It will help you understand the link between your thoughts and your reality.

If you’re ready to give up old patterns of thought and behaviour, to overcome anxiety and to reach your potential, this 100{d7c98303840e9670c9916fdf0bd27d8ee2ea81283fe225d13ffb23906534ed7b} 5-star rated book is for you.

Download your free scripting sheets here.

To buy the paperback or Kindle version for £8 click the link below.

I’ve just done @_JoEmerson_’s Mini Online Coaching sesh now I am HELLA MOTIVATED


With the help of Jo’s spotlighting, previously insurmountable goals now seem totally achievable
– all within 2 sessions!


I knew I needed support but I certainly didn’t expect to make so much headway in such a
short space of time.


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