Coaching packages

The jumpstarter (4-hours)

4-hours of coaching (face:face or on Skype) to enable to reboot your thinking, address your confidence issues and start moving forwards with your life.

This package is for you if you want to give coaching a try or if you have a specific small issue you need to iron out.

The aim of this package is to clear out your limiting beliefs (those annoying niggling thoughts that hold you back), reenergise you and give you a chance to refocus.


4 HOURS spread over 1 month or half a day

2-hour initial session

2 x 1-hour follow up sessions

*This package can also be taken as a half-day intensive

Confidence builder intensive (6-hours)

A one day (6-hour) face:face coaching session with me either here in Bath (or I can travel to London to meet you).  *This package can also be taken in shorter bursts, e.g 3 x 2-hour slots or 6 x 1-hour slots face:face or on Skype

This is a really popular package for busy people who want to make major changes in a short period of time.  We will spend our time together talking about your story, where your life currently is and where you want it to go.  We’ll map out a plan of action for you to take away and implement.  

The aim of this package is to unhook you from everything that’s holding you back and help you decide exactly what you want for your future and how you’re going to get it.


6 HOURS in one day or shorter sessions spread over 6-12 weeks.


*OPTIONAL BOOSTER on all pacakges

3 x 1-hour follow-up Skype sessions over 3-6 weeks

The transform package (12-hours)

If you’re serious about change and want to become your best, most confident and authentic self then this is the package for you.  

We start with a one day (6-hour) face:face coaching session (or this can be done on Skype usually in 2×3-hour chunks) with me either here in Bath (or I can travel to London to meet you) and then follow up with 6 additional one-hour sessions (on Skype or face:face in Bath) to really help you nail your goals and move beyond your limiting thinking.

This is my most popular package, as it takes you through my entire coaching process so that your life, your work and your relationships are truly transformed.


12 HOURS (split over a one-day intensive and 6 additional 1-hour sessions) usually taking 3-4 months


*this package comes with optional email support in between sessions

Bespoke packages are available on request

Please email me for a price list and availability.

I’ve just done @_JoEmerson_’s Mini Online Coaching sesh now I am HELLA MOTIVATED


With the help of Jo’s spotlighting, previously insurmountable goals now seem totally achievable
– all within 2 sessions!


I knew I needed support but I certainly didn’t expect to make so much headway in such a
short space of time.



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