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Public Speaking Confidence - Jo Emerson Public Speaking Confidence - Jo Emerson

Public Speaking Confidence

“I was literally terrified of public speaking but if I wanted that promotion I had to get over it!  Jo, you completely changed my mindset to the point where I smashed it!  I quite enjoy public speaking now – who knew?!!”

Nick, London

“Just wanted to drop you a note to say that both my presentations went really well! I’ve had lots of positive feedback on the presentation from delegates and both my boss and his boss are really happy! Thanks so much for all your help so far! Our sessions were a real boost. My boss even commented that it was clearly visible that I’d had some training. And another colleague said it was the best presentation I’d ever done!”

BB, Windsor

For many people public speaking fills them with horror to the point where they avoid it like the plague.   These people are often (although not always) confident in most others areas of their lives but the thought of speaking to a group of people is crippling.

But, like everything else in life, this fear can be overcome and you can become a great public speaker!  Ask the many, many clients I’ve helped overcome their fear and step with confidence onto the stage for their presentations…

My undergraduate degree was in Drama and I worked as a BBC journalist for the early part of my career, so I bring both practical experience and my training in psychology to this work.


The only pre-requirements for this training/coaching package are the DESIRE TO CHANGE and the ability to TRUST IN THE PROCESS…

STAGE ONE:  We meet for half a day (usually 3 hours) to establish exactly what’s going on for you, identify the ‘tape’ that’s playing in your head about public speaking (the lies you are telling yourself) and start loosening the knots in your mind (coaches call these ‘limiting beliefs’).  You will leave this session fully aware of how you are tripping yourself up and with an understanding of how anxiety works in the body.

STAGE TWO: Homework – I will set you various tasks to complete to start overcoming your fear around public speaking.  As a minimum this will involve writing a 3-5 minute speech.

STAGE THREE:  We meet for another half day and practice, practice, practice.  I will film you as you do your speech, give you tips on presentation, body language, pace and tonality.   You will also watch other people give speeches online and I will ask you to turn something random into a speech (this could be a menu, a newspaper clipping, a bus timetable etc).  You will leave this session feeling far more robust about public speaking than when we started this process.

STAGE FOUR: You give your speech.  Either at the live event you’ve been preparing for or in front of a group of friends/colleagues.  It’s best if this is filmed so that you can watch it back.

STAGE FIVE: Consolidation. This is where you send me an email telling me everything you have learnt and how much you’ve changed.  This is a vital stage because you are underlining everything you have learnt and reminding yourself that you can do it!  We also ask colleagues or delegates to provide you with feedback from the speech you gave in stage four.



Email me to ask any questions or book your course.