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FAQ - Jo Emerson | Frequently Asked Questions FAQ - Jo Emerson | Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? Here I answer your most common queries about coaching…

While a counsellor will help you to make sense of your past and to understand how it affects your present, a good coach is future-focused. This means your past is relevant only for the light it can shed on how you think and on what holds you back from achieving your dreams. While a mentor gives advice, a coach trusts that you have the answers within yourself, and acts as a spotlight rather than a guide.

The short answer is, ‘as long as you need it to be.’ From experience, most people need between six – twelve coaching sessions to see results. Some people then choose to continue with coaching long term, others dip in and out as and when they feel the need. You’re completely in charge.

Absolutely! You can expect the same level of confidentiality from me as any other professional. What you share with me, stays with me and my records are both password protected and locked away.

I offer various coaching packages for your life and your business. Email me and I’ll send you my information pack.
Again, that depends entirely on you. If you set goals it’s likely we’ll agree action points for you to work on between sessions. Sometimes, if we think it would help you, you might leave our session with some homework to do. Remember, this is your journey so you are in charge.

I’ve just done @_JoEmerson_’s Mini Online Coaching sesh now I am HELLA MOTIVATED


With the help of Jo’s spotlighting, previously insurmountable goals now seem totally achievable
– all within 2 sessions!


I knew I needed support but I certainly didn’t expect to make so much headway in such a
short space of time.