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Confidence: How to cultivate it and keep it

My one-day Breakthrough to Lasting Confidence workshop runs three times a year in central Bath, and sees people from all walks of life and business come together to be inspired to make positive, permanent change.

Confidence. Maybe you feel you’ve never had it or you used to have it until that awful thing happened that left you drowning in a sea of self-doubt. We can all pinpoint a time in our lives when our confidence was low, but if low self-esteem is stopping you from enjoying life and achieving your dreams then maybe it’s time to take action.

My one-day course will equip you with everything you need to build a firm foundation of solid self-esteem to ensure you begin achieving all your dreams and desires.

What will I get from the course?

The good news is that lasting confidence can be learnt. I can teach you to find and exercise your self-esteem muscle so that it becomes a strong and integral part of who you are. Forever and no matter what life throws at you. This course will help you:

Learn what confidence is and what it isn’t
Create a blueprint for your life based on your authentic dreams
Learn how to identify and deal with thoughts that are sabotaging you
Learn how to take true responsibility for your life
Learn practical strategies to boost your long term confidence

How will I benefit?

You’ll understand who you are and identify goals for your life
You’ll realise your unlimited potential and authenticity
You’ll feel energised and encouraged about your life
You’ll tap into your inner confidence, a place you can always return to
You’ll have strategies for maintaining confidence throughout your life

What is my investment?

This full-day workshop in central Bath costs £129 (+VAT) – an Early Bird price of £99 (+VAT) is available if you book a month or more in advance.

Places are limited to 10 so it’s best to book early.

Who attends?

In short, anyone who wants to take action and improve their confidence. This hands-on, dynamic, fun course is ideal for anyone from mothers returning to work and small business owners to professionals and teenagers.

Where is it?

The Breakthrough to Lasting Confidence workshops are held at The Guild Hub in central Bath – a five-minute walk from the bus and train stations and within easy reach of many car parks.

When is the next course?

Jo is currently booked up with corporate work and guest speaking so this event is on hold. 


If you prefer to work solo, try my online course, 5 Steps to Lasting Confidence. Learn my powerful and proven system to overcome your low self-esteem for good.


Discover my debut book, Flying For Beginners: A Proven System for Lasting Self Confidence.

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