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On Being Vulnerable – Posted in: Confidence, Personal Development, Relationships

How easy do you find it to allow yourself to be vulnerable? If you’re like most people the answer to that question is probably “not very.” I’m of the opinion that one of our greatest problems as a race is our inability to be vulnerable because it leads to mask wearing, isolation and anxiety.

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Fear and Control July 8, 2015 – Posted in: Leaders and Teams, Personal Development, Relationships

Today I’ve been thinking a lot about how fear is so closely related to control. For example, if you are someone who worries (feels fear) about the future then this is likely because you don’t know what will happen, i.e. you are not in control! And, as a race, we don’t like to be without control…!

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Relationships and Fear – Posted in: Relationships

Let’s talk about relationships. Because whatever problems you have in your relationships (with others, with yourself, with life itself) is likely to be fear-based. We tend to be fearful of one (or some, or all) of the following…

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You Are Not Your Past June 18, 2015 – Posted in: Personal Development, Relationships

Hello, You are not your past. Do you know that? You’re not your past. Your past is an influencing factor in your present – we all have memories locked away that can trigger learnt (automatic) responses today – but you are not your past unless you choose to live there.

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You Have a Choice June 10, 2015 – Posted in: Personal Development, Relationships

I’ve been realising increasingly that happiness or being ‘sorted’ is not about how my life looks from the outside but how I choose to respond to whatever happens. If I respond in fear or frustration I am likely to make a situation worse (or certainly feel worse about it) but, if I respond from a place of acceptance and calm I will likely retain my sense of balance and I then stand a far better…

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You Get What You Give – Posted in: Personal Development, Relationships

Hello, I read this recently and thought, “YES!”: “As we demonstrate love towards others, we learn that we are lovable and we learn how to love more deeply. However, as we demonstrate fear or negativity, we learn self-condemnation and we learn to feel more frightened of life.”

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