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Personal Development Archives - Page 8 of 12 - Jo Emerson Personal Development Archives - Page 8 of 12 - Jo Emerson

On Being Vulnerable – Posted in: Confidence, Personal Development, Relationships

How easy do you find it to allow yourself to be vulnerable? If you’re like most people the answer to that question is probably “not very.” I’m of the opinion that one of our greatest problems as a race is our inability to be vulnerable because it leads to mask wearing, isolation and anxiety.

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Fear and Control July 8, 2015 – Posted in: Leaders and Teams, Personal Development, Relationships

Today I’ve been thinking a lot about how fear is so closely related to control. For example, if you are someone who worries (feels fear) about the future then this is likely because you don’t know what will happen, i.e. you are not in control! And, as a race, we don’t like to be without control…!

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You Are Not Your Past June 18, 2015 – Posted in: Personal Development, Relationships

Hello, You are not your past. Do you know that? You’re not your past. Your past is an influencing factor in your present – we all have memories locked away that can trigger learnt (automatic) responses today – but you are not your past unless you choose to live there.

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Step off the Competitive Parenting Hamster Wheel June 10, 2015 – Posted in: Leaders and Teams, Personal Development

Whether you’re a new mum or a seasoned parent of university leavers there is one thing that will poison your parenting like nothing else and that’s competitive child rearing.   I first noticed this phenomenon when Beth, my first child, was about 4-months old and some of my new-mum peers starting competing to see whose child would hold their head steady first. Seriously! Then the race to weaning began swiftly followed by a competition to…

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Live Life With Gratitude – Posted in: Confidence, Personal Development

Today, be grateful. Whatever you have be thankful you have it. Whatever you don’t have be thankful too (when you eventually get it you’ll realise why you had to wait). Be grateful for those you love. Send warmth to those you struggle with (they are likely teaching you something about yourself). Write a list of ten things you are grateful for and get on with your day. Live to the best of your ability today…

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The Trouble With Worrying – Posted in: Confidence, Personal Development

Hello, How much value do you place on your worrying? I know that sounds like a crazy question but just think about it for a minute. I know that for years (until I was in my mid-thirties) I actually thought that I was somehow controlling the outcome of a situation by worrying about it. Or, that if I stopped worrying I would be giving ‘life’ permission to do it’s worst.

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