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My clients 

Without doubt, the best part of my job is seeing people move forwards and achieve what they want to in life. Whether it’s an empty nester finding the confidence to return to work, a high powered corporate executive gaining clarity over the implementation of a business plan or a young offender discovering his or her passion in life, coaching is the most exciting and dynamic profession to be a part of. Life coaching and executive coaching is transformative, empowering, inspirational and fun.

Here’s what some of the people I’ve had the honour to work with have to say about their experience of coaching…

“When I began working with Jo, I was looking for how I could do more, more, more – be ever more efficient, more productive. What quickly became apparent through Jo’s coaching is that what I really needed to do was less, less, less. My commitments, business, personal, work, social and otherwise were at critical mass. I was completely out of balance with a healthier and more centred me – and thus, despite the constant grind, I was actually being less productive.

The process was fun, highly interactive and very skilful. Jo helped me to centre, prioritise, slow down and place my focus and energy on the most important things. She helped me to gain that all important goal clarity, and get some tighter strategy and realistic timelines in place. She was quick to spot my perfectionism, helping me reframe the mire of trying to make everything perfect and focus on ‘progress not perfection’.

There’s a saying by Abraham Lincoln: “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe”. It may be a cliché but that resonated with me while working with Jo. I feel like she’s calmed me down and helped me to think in a more strategic way. I am clearer about my boundaries, and definitely feel a shift towards greater intellectual control and a more balanced outlook. Work is far more organised, more tactical and my business is sustaining itself nicely without overwhelming me – and as an added bonus, I have also lost 20lb in weight, no doubt an outcome of a more ordered mind.

Jo is down to earth, funny, and unpretentious and the sessions were a healthy reminder that life is only as serious as we make it. I look forward to continuing to work with Jo in the near future and recommend her highly.”


Sara and Chris, owners of Suited and Booted Studios in Bath, wanted some help with focus and planning to take their business to the next level. We worked together over a series of coaching and strategic marketing sessions to identify where they were, where they wanted to get to and, crucially, how this was going to happen.

“Working with Jo has been excellent – she has helped us find clarity and focus, when we were struggling to see beyond the day to day issues, by working with us to find out what we felt was important, both as a business and as individuals.“

Anna* had been stuck in an unsatisfactory job for a long time but lacked the confidence even to know what she wanted to do as an alternative, let alone how to go about making the change. We worked together over a period of 3 months to establish what was causing her underlying confidence issues, and slowly Anna began to change. She is now seeking new work opportunities in an area she’s interested in but, crucially, says her coaching sessions have had a positive impact on her confidence levels across her whole life.

“Jo is a very enthusiastic and encouraging person and I enjoyed the coaching experience immensely. Jo is very positive and has supported and motivated me along the way. Her coaching sessions were incredibly useful with many different techniques used and adapted accordingly. I have always left my coaching sessions with Jo feeling very positive and looking forward to the week ahead where I can put into practice what I have learnt during the sessions.

I have really appreciated how much she listened, understood and coached me into new ways of approaching situations. I have really benefited from her positive approach.

Since I began life coaching, my partner and others have noticed a change within me, seeing that I approach situations differently and believe in myself that little bit more. Jo’s approach and techniques have definitely been behind that.”

Pete was about to launch his new business but was overwhelmed with a lack of confidence in his abilities to do so. Over six sessions, we were able to lay some of his fears to rest, make a plan of action and unlock his abilities to effectively bring to market and promote his new venture.

“I have found that being coached by Jo has increased my confidence and helped me to think more clearly about my goals. Consequently, things that I had put off have now been done and new avenues are opening up.

I highly recommend coaching – and Jo in particular.”

“I worked with Jo for a short period of two months in her capacity as a personal performance coach, to support me in making some important career decisions. Don’t underestimate how powerful a coach like Jo can be and what a difference it can make to your life. Jo’s professionalism, enthusiasm, wit and humour, patience, empathy and support – aided by her technical expertise of coaching – enabled me to work through my short term goals with confidence not trepidation, excitement not procrastination, to a very successful outcome. I can’t thank you enough.”

Samantha Craven

“Working with Jo has been brilliant! She has a professional and friendly approach and is very easy to talk to – but will guide you back on track if you waffle off-subject too much!

My self-confidence was at a low due to an unexpected job loss and I was at a crossroads in my career. Jo helped me regain my confidence and enabled me to explore various career options that I had lurking in my subconscious. These were amazing to discover and provided me with energy to research them.

I have since had the confidence to set up a workshop in my house and have loved picking up my paint brushes again – thank you, Jo!”

Olivia Wharton

“Before I met Jo, I was at a tough point in my life. I lacked confidence, was unhappy with myself and distrustful of others. To be honest, I was both intimidated and afraid of speaking to someone else about these issues, but Jo was careful and sensitive enough to ease me into a safe place to discuss those topics in a comfortable and secure environment at my speed.

Throughout my sessions with Jo, I have noticed a remarkable improvement in myself and I credit her for it. Investigating my personal problems with her has been informative, interesting and most importantly inspiring. I have left behind so many of my old fears and phobias and I am now able to do things that I previously thought impossible for me.

I can only advise that if you feel like you can go nowhere, turn to Jo and she will show you the path forward. You still have to take the step forward but she’ll be there with you all the way.”

Sam Sherry

I’ve just done @_JoEmerson_’s Mini Online Coaching sesh now I am HELLA MOTIVATED


With the help of Jo’s spotlighting, previously insurmountable goals now seem totally achievable
– all within 2 sessions!


I knew I needed support but I certainly didn’t expect to make so much headway in such a
short space of time.



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